The Ames Scene: July 22, 2016

Sherrinford/Noun Project

Rasputina at the M Shop this Fall

The M Shop has been releasing a few names here and there for their fall program and there are some great acts in there so far. One new one to mark on your calendar is Rasputina on Oct. 15. The band is a trio of cellists that amaze with a powerful, dark take on rock and folk music. Visually, they evoke a twisted Victorian aesthetic, kind of a steam punk Tim Burton effect. But for all these markings of a pure novelty act, Rasputina transcends the novelty with a consistently high level of musicianship, creativity and (stringed) metal. Highly recommended.

Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band at DG’s Tap House

Devin Frank was one of the songwriters and singers of the all-time great Ames band the Poison Control Center and since the band entered hiatus a few years ago he moved to Columbia, Missouri, where he has been a member of a few ensembles and has also maintained his Iowa supergroup Mantis Pincers.

Now he’s on tour with a striking new album on the Quad Cities-based Cartouche Records with a new band called Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band. Interpret the “blues” of the name very broadly; the band incorporates a wide range of influences and modes into a strong psych rock sound that is perfect for Devin’s oddly philosophical lyrics and off-kilter guitar shredding. The band will be at DG’s Tap House on Sunday as part of a superb lineup that also includes the textured pop of Jordan Mayland & the Thermal Detonators and a solo set from the Des Moines singer-songwriter Annalibera.

The Colt Walkers at Prairie Moon Winery

The Ames alt-country quartet The Colt Walkers write the type of rock-solid Americana numbers that will have you wondering from song to song: Did they write this or is this some standard I just can’t quite place? They do, in fact, throw some standards into the mix, especially a few well-interpreted classic from the band leader Fred Love’s personal hero Hank Williams. Original tunes like “My Own Damn Fault” and “Dustin’ Off My Vinyl” add a rocking note to the honkytonk feel. They will be at Prairie Moon Winery this Sunday afternoon from 3-6 p.m. as a part of the Live at the Crib series.

Nate Logsdon is a writer, editor, and indexer from Ames. He was a founding editor of the Ames Progressive and contributing editor at the Iowa Informer.