Bronywn’s Council Preview, February 27, 2018: Pedestrian Safety Study Results, Facade Grant Approvals

The City Council meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. The agenda includes:

Item 2: Presentation of pedestrian safety study phase II results

This report details phase II of our pedestrian safety study, which studied pedestrian movement along Lincoln Way near campus. Phase II suggests a few changes to the intersections of Lincoln Way and Welch Avenue, and Lincoln Way and Stanton Avenue. At Lincoln Way and Welch, staff suggest removing the raised pedestrian island that theoretically encourages pedestrians to begin crossing against the traffic light. At Lincoln Way and Stanton, the suggestion is to add an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant pedestrian crossing along the western side of the intersection. Also included in phase II are some suggestions for altering the timing of traffic lights to improve vehicular flow.


Item 27: Resolution approving the preliminary plat for 5571 Hyde Ave. (Rose Prairie)

The owners of this 170-acre development near Ada Hayden in north Ames have submitted a preliminary plat, dividing the area into 16 outlots. These outlots could then be sold to developers for further subdivision.


Item 31: Resolution approving downtown facade grants

Applications for this round of facade grants come from 131 Main St. (applying for two facades), 110 Main St., and 116 Main St. The following item (33) relates, allowing the Main Street Cultural District to apply for a $100,000 grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority for the project at 131 Main St.

Item 33: Motion approving letter of intent to participate in Community Catalyst Building Remediation Program grant (tabled from Feb. 13)

(See description of item 31.)

Item 35: Motion setting date and route for mayor and City Council’s bike ride

Saturday, May 12!


Thanks for reading,
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
City Council At-Large

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Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen is an at-large member of the Ames City Council. She is also a manager at Wheatsfield Cooperative and the co-owner of Cycles Recycling.