Bronywn’s Council Preview, February 13, 2018: Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget Wrap-Up

The Ames City Council budget wrap-up meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. The regular council meeting will immediately follow budget wrap-up. The agenda includes:


Item 1: Council budget presentations:

a. Public art
b. Arts funding (COTA) — This funding remains the same as the 2017-18 allocation, at $163,979.
c. Human Services (ASSET) — The ASSET committee recommends an increase of 7.2 percent, for a 2018-19 budget totaling $4.59 million. Of this total budget, the share borne by the city of Ames is $1.42 million.
d. Outside funding requests
e. Other requests

Item 2: Public input on capital improvements plan and budget

Item 3: Final council decisions:

a. Set salaries for council appointees
b. Amendments to 2018-2023 CIP, if desired
c. Vote on motion to approve 2018-2023 CIP, as amended
d. Amendments to fiscal year 2017-18 adjusted budget, if desired
e. Vote on motion to approve adjusted budget for FY 2017-18, as amended
f. Motion to set March 6 as date of final public hearing on adjusted budget for FY 2017-18
g. Amendments to proposed FY 2018-19 budget
h. Vote on motion to approve proposed budget for FY 2018-19, as amended
i. Motion to set March 6 as date of final public hearing on proposed budget for FY 2018-19
j. Decision to select an allocation method to assess rental housing fees for FY 2018-19


Item 27: Resolution accepting completion of 2015-16 airport improvements (terminal building)

Airport renovations have finally been completed. The funding table shows the Ames Economic Development Commission as a contributing partner, and Iowa State University was a partner as well, though ISU’s share came in the form of backstopping debt.

Item 32: Resolution approving 2018 Urban Revitalization tax abatement requests

This staff report shows 10 properties that have applied for tax abatement for the 2018 tax year. Two of these are newly eligible because of the council’s recent decision to allow tax abatements on the construction of new Greek properties. Of the 10 projects, only one was deemed ineligible for tax abatement, and that is Aspen Heights (aka Breckenridge). They were ineligible because they did not enroll in the city’s Crime-Free Housing Program, a requirement of the URA.

Item 35: Motion approving council goals, objectives, and tasks for 2018 through 2019

These are the updated goals, tasks, and objectives that we came up with in January at our goal-setting sessions. None of our goals changed, though we modified some of the more specific objectives and tasks within each goal.

Thanks for reading,
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
City Council At-Large

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Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen is an at-large member of the Ames City Council. She is also a manager at Wheatsfield Cooperative and the co-owner of Cycles Recycling.