Report: Ernst on Trump’s VP Shortlist [Updated]

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Update, 7/4: This morning, The Donald tweeted that he plans to meet with Joni Ernst today in New Jersey to discuss her potentially being his running mate:

Original post: According to a report today from CNN, “a source with knowledge of Trump’s vice presidential selection” has confirmed that Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst is on the presumed GOP nominee’s VP shortlist.

“It’s not clear whether the freshman Republican senator and tea party star has received paperwork from the campaign or is just being scrutinized through the wealth of publicly accessible information about her,” reported CNN, which also listed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as among those being considered by the Trump campaign. Pence, CNN’s anonymous source reportedly said, is being formally vetted by the campaign and is the favorite among those who want to balance Trump’s outsider antics with a safer establishment running mate.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump, is also a possibility, according to CNN’s source, but is not on the list.

Ernst’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment about the report.

Her name has previously been floated as a potential option for Trump’s ticket — earlier this year, Gov. Terry Branstad said that the senator would fit the “ideal profile of somebody who would be a great vice presidential candidate.”

Gavin Aronsen
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