robed prison walls in a gated concrete state
i was told there were jungles here,
but all i see are unknown faces,
all i hear are passive voices
rows of sage, nonverbal screams, people are scared to walk at night

you learn how to not breathe by breathing deep
i learned how to hang upside down by standing straight
she chose to run alone at night,
it is one way over a barbed wire fence
we gasp for speech when we get to land

never learned how to keep quiet,
i only feel pain when i sleep
coral trees whisper a song i don’t understand
they protect a field of knowledge
above my head

it is the new frontier, crowded by apex predators
someone smart once said to me i would fit
in better under the sea
crossing lands is one way to live,
fall down to the ground, give me a second, maybe three

Photo: Shea Prueger

Shea Prueger was raised in Ames. At the age of 18, she made her way to New York City where she started a modeling career. Modeling took her all over Europe and Asia. Introduced to ibogaine therapy in 2011, she has worked with the medicine in Central America, South East Asia, and Africa. Prueger is director of Envision Recovery Costa Rica, and head director and ibogaine administrator of Minds Alive Mauritius.