Bronwyn’s Council Preview, July 25, 2017: Campustown Pedestrian Study

Also on the agenda: Proposal to expand city's shared-use path system, regional high-speed internet grant application

I’m aiming to be back in town from RAGBRAI just in time for Tuesday’s council meeting. On a related note, my RAGBRAI vacation also means a short preview this week.

The Ames City Council meeting starts at 6 p.m. The agenda includes:

Item 22: 2007-08 shared use path system expansion (Bloomington Road to Ada Hayden Heritage Park) and 2016-17 concrete pavement improvements project (Dawes Drive)

At our May 9 meeting, the council sent this item back for more information. City staff are recommending a shared use path along the east side of Dawes, which would then cross to Ada Hayden, in addition to the Skunk River Trail along Highway 69.

preview 7-25 1

Item 23: Staff report on Lincoln Way pedestrian study (Campustown), Phase I

This is a long-awaited report on pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular interactions along Lincoln Way, from Beach to Sheldon. Early feedback we’ve received on this report is critical of the premise that “issues in the corridor are related to pedestrian behavior” (rather than other factors, such as road design and cars speeding).

preview 7-25 2

Item 24: Request for letter of support for AmesNet regional high-speed internet concept spearheaded by Iowa State University

This is a grant application, and could potentially land Ames (and the surrounding area) a wireless network for use by municipal entities. (This is not a wireless network individual private users could access.)

Item 25: Resolution approving amendment to municipal pool agreement between city of Ames and Ames Community School District

While the city is still hammering out the details of a potential new aquatic facility, we still need to partner with the school district to maintain the old one. (Even if a new facility moves forward, it might be a while before it’s built.) This agreement extends the date of partnership to June 30, 2020.

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Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen is an at-large member of the Ames City Council. She is also a manager at Wheatsfield Cooperative and the co-owner of Cycles Recycling.