What Killed the Dinosaurs

A poem from the Informer‘s Molly McDonald published in the first issue of the new zine from Nova Labs, the local record label co-founded by Informer contributor Bryon Dudley. The zine is available for $2 at the following establishments in downtown Ames: the Iowa Music Store, Vinyl Cafe, Mayhem Collectibles, and Shield Comics.

You are the moon exploded
And the large pieces
Still hang together
With the gravity of
Middle school playgrounds
Halos of hunched shoulders
You became boulders and pebbles
And sand that escaped
Like yolk from an egg
Like an egg from the bird
Like a bird from the sky
Raining down light
You’re the cigarette butt
Whose ash has
Smeared across the sidewalk
Like bad makeup
Or good war paint
You only wanted to
Reflect the sun
You were hungry for it
Like it was birthday cake
Like you were ever born
In the first place

Molly McDonald is an Iowa native with abuncha college degrees and pretty big muscles. She has one published book of poetry and one cat. Coincidence?! Yes. Contact her at mccardoor [at] gmail [dot] com.